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Body Rider BRF700 exercise bike review

The Body Rider BRF700 fan upright exercise bike appears to be a popular choice for those people who want the ability to carry out cardio vascular exercise at home at their own pace. So let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this home exercise bike.


Built around a steel frame with a 12 month warranty and weighing just under 48 pounds, this bike measures 22″ wide, just under 42″ in length, and stands 46.5″ tall. This means it will not take up too much space and can easily be moved around.

It is more difficult to move it on a carpeted surface, but if you slip a large piece of cardboard under the bike it will slide more easily. The maximum weight of a user on this bike is given as 250 pounds.

The seat is adjustable on this bike and will suit users of various heights. The optimum height range for anyone using this fan bike seems to be from 5′ to 5’11’. Keep in mind that the lower the seat position, the further you have to stretch out to grasp the top of the handlebars. Perhaps this could add to your workout if needed?

To better suit taller people, you can order a longer seat post for this exercise fan bike if needed by emailing: [email protected]?

A computer monitors your progress and keeps track of time spent cycling, speed, distance cycled, and calories burned, via an LCD digital display mounted between the pivot point of the handles and just above the tension adjustment control knob.

Tension is adjustable on this bike and uses a replaceable friction belt to apply and reduce the effort required by the user. An easy to reach, large plastic knob turns clockwise to increase the load and counter clockwise for load reduction.


The brf700 fan upright exercise bike does need some assembly of the stand, arms and pedals. It is straightforward though, and should take the average person 30 to 45 minutes. Everything you need for the assembly comes with the bike in a separate cardboard box.

Sitting on this bike can become uncomfortable after a while as the seat is quite hard. Getting a soft seat cover, such as a gel seat cover, will make a huge difference. The seat is plastic and measures approximately 10″ wide by 10″ long, so a normal road bike seat cover will not fit without some modification.

A fan is mentioned in the promotional material as being a cooling fan. Although this fan, located at the very front of the bike, does create some disturbance of the surrounding air it will not effectively keep you cool during your workout.


This is not an expensive bike, so to expect everything to be perfect in every way is probably unreasonable.  This Body Rider model is probably not designed for heavy use in a gym environment, but more suitable as an exercise bike for home use.

The Body Rider BRF700 is a popular and inexpensive, versatile, exercise bike. With its dual action handlebars, you get more of an upper body workout with this bike compared to your standard exercise bike. The manual for this bike is available online with a full list of parts and an exploded diagram showing how it all fits together.

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