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Blog – Exercise Bike Benefits

Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits

There are many health benefits available to you when using a stationary recumbent bike for your exercise routine.

For those new to recumbent bikes, we can go to the Oxford English Dictionary for the meaning of the word “recumbent”. There we learn this word comes from 17th century Latin, and means “reclining”.

Before we look

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Can I lose Weight Using An Exercise Bike?

A Really Good Question…

This is a question people often ask, and the short answer is Yes.! You definitely can lose weight with an exercise bike.

In fact, weight loss is just one of the many benefits of using exercise bikes. Click Here For Discounted Exercise Bikes.

I believe it is widely accepted that most

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Best Exercise Bike For Steady Cardio Workouts

Before we decide which is the best exercise bike, we need to understand what “steady cardio workouts” are. What it means is we exercise at a moderate and even rate. Instead of; ready, steady, go, it is more like; ready, go steady! Great when just starting, and for those still building up their fitness levels.

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Benefits Of Mini Exercise Bikes

For many of us hearing the phrase “Mini Exercise Bikes”, brings to mind images of circus clowns trying to ride miniature cycles inside the main ring of the big top!

But what they really are is an exercise bike without the seat, handle bars, and sometimes, no display. However, they still function as a useful

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Merax Releases New Exercise Bikes

2 new upright magnetic exercise bikes from a company called Merax, appeared on the market recently.

This 1st one is a Merax folding fully adjustable unit (Model SL1451) in bright candy red trim plus:

Magnetic Resistance (adjustable of course) Steel frame with 12 month warranty (90 days parts) Adjustable seat height Built-in digital display tracks

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Exercise Bike Benefits
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