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Ancheer Exercise Bike Range Reviewed

More people seem to be looking for information on the current range of Ancheer exercise bikes. So I thought it would be a good idea to give you a short review of these exercise machines. Ancheer actually manufacture a wide range of exercise bikes which are perfect for home use. You can choose from a low priced mini exercise bike, right up to a top of the line spin bike. Ancheer offer exercise machines in most categories. Let’s take a look at what they offer:

Ancheer Mini Bike Exerciser

This little unit can be perched on top of your table and used to give your arms and shoulders a bit of a gentle workout.

The other option is to sit it on the floor in front of a chair, or your couch, and pedal away while watching TV. Get your blood circulating while chilling out.

You can expect to increase the muscle tone of your legs and arms over time with this unit. Your results will come down to the following:

  • How long you use it per session
  • How often you use it each week
  • The level of resistance you have it set on.

Ancheer Indoor Folding Exercise Bikes

Here we get the choice of two different types of bikes:

This one comes with or without the backrest option, and 3 color choices; Black, Green, or Orange. If you think you need support for your lower back, it is probably worth paying a few dollars more for the backrest version. The seat and backrest move together, which means you will always have support regardless of the seat height setting.

It is only available in white, with the pedal unit and display casing in green. Because a true recumbent bike has the rider held in a horizontal position, this is best described as a semi recumbent exercise bike.

From an engineering point of view, it is probably not even possible to create a folding version of a true recumbent bike. But having to reach down between your knees to adjust the tension on this model, I think needs better engineering!

Ancheer Upright Indoor Exercise Bike

Well, what can I say? It is a basic, magnetic friction, indoor, upright exercise bike, without any frills. A low cost exerciser, with the usual tension knob and LCD display. If you expect a sturdy, heavy duty machine, that will last for years, then be prepared to spend a lot more dollars. This one is definitely for the budget conscious buyer.

Ancheer Indoor Spin Bikes

We can choose from two different models of spin bike in this category:

This is a nice looking bike with clean lines. The 3900 is fitted with an 18 pound flywheel. This does not compare well with the average flywheel being between 30 and 50 pounds. However, a lighter flywheel could suit small and slightly built people better. You do still have the adjustable braking pad, which provides flywheel friction for the rider.

With the adjustable seat and handle bars, this makes finding the best riding position a lot easier. Heart rate sensors are fitted to the handle bars, and the usual LCD gives feedback on your ride. Overall, a solid and sturdy home spin bike.

Now this model is indeed a great looking spin machine with its bright finish in fire engine red and black! Even the seat is a two tone red and black design. I think this is more than likely the top of the Ancheer range of exercise bikes.

Similar to the 3900 model, you can easily adjust both the handle bars and the seat on the 4013. But there the similarity ends because the seat itself is spring loaded, as is the seat supporting arm. I can understand springs in one area, but this bike is never going on a mountain trail. So, why the extra suspension? Perhaps one was an added gimmick or after thought…

I think the same can be said for the thin elastic stretch bands attached to the front legs. The idea may have been to give the option for arm exercises.? As those getting a decent workout on a spin bike know, you are either standing in the pedals in pursuit mode or leaning over the handles bars pedaling furiously. No time to play with rubber bands! Is this another gimmick?

You do get a free metal drink bottle (in red) that slips into a cradle at the side of the flywheel cover. A practical gimmick this time. But on a positive note, once again they have produced a very solid and sturdy spin bike.

As you can see above, Ancheer have entered one or two products into each of the different categories of exercise bikes. Some manufacturers specialize and focus their efforts into one or two categories, with a wide choice of models in each. Perhaps Ancheer is testing the market to see which categories they can gain acceptance in? At the bottom end they seem to offer budget models. But their spin bikes are priced along side most of the other makers in that section of the market.

Ancheer manufacture other sporting equipment besides exercise bikes. They also produce skate boards, weight training benches and stands. Ancheer products can also be found in the camping and fishing sports categories. Some treadmills and electric bicycle products also carry the Ancheer brand. Their focus appears to be in the sports, leisure, and fitness markets.

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