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MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike – A Quick Review

The MagneTrainer ER mini exercise bike (a.k.a. magnetrainer er), can help you get that regular dose of exercise we all know we should be getting. However at the end of a long day at work, all we really want to do is just get home, unwind, and relax! Going off to the gym is usually the last thing on our mind. But wouldn’t it be great if we could combine work and exercise? What a time saver! Now I’m sure this thought may have already crossed your mind…?

This under desk mini bike may be the ideal solution for those of us who work at a desk for many hours each day. This compact cycle exerciser, with its adjustable magnetic resistance, will sit quietly on the floor ready for you to begin your desk exercise.

Did you know even light exercise can increase your blood circulation? It also has the benefit of increasing brain activity. Areas like focus and concentration may also become sharper. Just slip this mini exercise bike under your desk and away you go with your “at work workouts”.

Some people like to pedal a bike TO work. But with this under desk leg exerciser, you will be able to pedal a bike AT work.

  • No riding in the rain.
  • No getting run off the road.

Just an easy way to get a great leg workout and some physical therapy for your legs at the same time. Exercise at your own pace in your work area or office with this smooth, quiet, “er” mini exercise bike.

Arm and Leg Exerciser

Not only does this mini exercycle provide physical therapy and general exercise for your feet, it can also strengthen your arms and shoulders. With the Magnetrainer er mini exercise unit placed on a desk or tabletop, you can use your hands to create the pedal motion with the existing pedals. Or easily change the bike pedals for the optional ergo handles. Your feet or hands can be secured in place with the adjustable velcro straps provided. With this er mini exercise bike, the calories burned are shown on the electronic monitor. This allows you to keep track of the energy you have used which helps with your weight loss efforts. Off course this is directly related to the setting you choose for the adjustable magnetic resistance.

Inside The Box

After ordering your MagneTrainer arm bike machine, it will arrive partially assembled. The exercise bike is well packed into a 17.5 x 20 x 18 inch carton weighing 23 pounds. It just needs the two feet and pedals to be fitted, which is easily done using the tool supplied in the packaging. This is an easy operation detailed in the very clear and straight forward instructions supplied. We estimate it should take you less than 15 minutes to put this mini exercise bike together.

It is very important to fit the foot pedals to the correct side of the bike. The pedals are clearly marked on the end of the pedal shafts with an “L” for Left and an “R” for Right.

CAUTION – Take particular care to avoid cross threading by:

  1. Ensure the thread on end of pedal is aligned with the bike arm as you screw it in.
  2. Turn the pedal shaft by hand first to get the threads started.
  3. If you can’t screw it in by hand then it is likely cross threaded.
  4. Unscrew the pedal and make sure threads are aligned, and then try again.
  5. The pedals need to be securely tightened to avoid any damage!
  6. Finally, loosen the velcro straps then set the adjustable velcro to suit your footwear.

As shown in the component view of the mini exercise bike to the right, the resistance adjustment is at the rear and the adjustable foot is fitted to the front.

MagneTrainer Facts:

  • 15 inch pedal height (for lower desks consider the DeskCycle mini exerciser)
  • Works with desks 33 inches or more in height (for lower desks consider the DeskCycle pedal exercisers)
  • Optional display stand lets you move the display to your desktop for easier viewing
  • More than twice the resistance range of other types of pedal exerciser
  • 8 preset resistance settings to choose from
  • Magnetic resistance system used to give a quiet operation
  • LCD display shows speed, distance, time, calories, and scan functions
  • 12 Months parts & labor warranty

This is considered to be one of the high quality, commercial grade, arm and leg exercise bikes. It has received a positive best mini exercise bike review from many users. All the moving parts are enclosed and no lubrication is required. Having a smooth quiet pedal motion, you can operate the MagneTrainer mini bike with ease. The quiet operation is designed to prevent disruption in the work place, and the health benefits will surprise you!

P.S. You may want to compare the magnetrainer to the deskcycle by reading our DeskCycle mini exercise bike review here.

Exercise Bike Benefits
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