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Consumer Guide To Buying An Exercise Bike For Home

There really are only a few things you need to take into account before buying an exercise bike for home use. We have listed out the main ones for you, as well as some details on each.

1. How much will I have to spend buying an exercise bike to use at home?

There are a wide range of prices which depend on the type of exercising equipment, the size of the unit, the complexity of the electronic control systems they have, and more. Here is a broad price guide to help you:

  • $25 – $150 – This will buy you a basic style of portable or folding type stationery bike for exercising at home. Also in this price range will be bike trainers that you connect your existing bicycle to, as well as mini exercise bikes you can use with your hands or feet. You can also buy exercise bikes for kids in this price range too.
  • $150 – $250 – Upright bikes, folding bikes, basic recumbent bikes, and some spin bikes will be plentiful in this price bracket.
  • $250 – $399 – Most spin bikes, stationery bikes, recumbent bikes, with electronic control panels, sensors, and displays, are available in this price band.
  • $399 – $25,000 – Professional bikes like you find in a well equipped gym with plenty of electronically controlled programs, sensors etc. The super deluxe models at the higher end of the price range are built to handle many users over many years.

2. What basic features must my Exercise bike have?

The Seat

Adjustable and comfortable seat that remains secure in all positions and is rated for the weight of all those using the bike. You need to be able to set the seat height to ensure your leg is not quite fully extended when the pedal is at it’s lowest position. You may spend up to an hour at a time, in or on the seat. Also, does the seat allow you to fit a gel type cover over it or change it for a more padded one from a bicycle shop?

The Pedals

Do the pedals on the exercise unit have secure and adjustable foot straps to make sure your feet stay in place on the pedals? Can they adjust to the width of your foot when you are wearing a runner?

The Resistance
Can it easily be adjusted while you are on the bike and can you easily record the settings to enable you to track your progress? Of the 3 resistance types, an exercise bike with magnetic resistance will be the quietest. But is the one you are looking at going to be quiet enough in the room you will use it without disturbing others in the home? Perhaps try before you buy.

3. Other bells and whistles

Other things you may want your stationery bike to have, are things like sensors that monitor your heart rate. Preset programs that remember your past performances. Programs that simulate hills and automatically adjust the resistance settings. A water bottle holder, book holder, and places for your music/video player. Some models even come with a laptop table so you can work while you exercise!

Make a list of all the criteria you want before buying an exercise bike, from the information above, then you are ready to go shopping for your own home exercise bike!

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